Mobile Marketing – An Option for New Businesses


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For those that have tried their hand at starting a new business, the concept of gaining new customers for your product or service can be a daunting task for most. With the rise of technology, the ability to contact prospective customers where they are is available through the medium of mobile technology. Mobile marketing can be a useful tool for the promotion of a product or service.

Entrepreneurs and other owners of businesses are constantly on the look out for cost effective ways to gain customers and increase their profits. Thanks to the new marketing medium using mobile technology cost effective customer acquisition methods are now available. Comparing mobile marketing to traditional marketing methods such as television, radio, or newspaper advertising, mobile marketing stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to gaining new customers at the lowest cost.

The question that comes to mind is why has mobile marketing’s popularity grown so popular in the past few years. The answer is simple. Studies have shown that about 70% of the US population uses cell phones for their day to day activities. Even more astounding is the fact that over 90% of these cell phone users have been noted to use text/SMS technology. Sending an instant message is less intrusive and more easily acceptable to the user than a letter or email. People like getting and reading text messages. This means that if your business sent text messages which detail new promotions or other benefits to the customer, those text messages have a higher probability of actually being read than an email. The ability to introduce your product directly to your market can increase customer awareness about your brand as well as add profits to your bottom line.

The barrier of entry for most new business when it comes to mobile marketing is how to get started. Most small business owners mistakenly think that they need to be a computer programmer in order to fully harness the use of this new form of communication. However, mobile marketing has now become more user friendly than ever. There are numerous books, articles, and online courses that can take a person with no technical background to being able to create a mobile SMS list in no time at all. These educational tools are very affordable and extremely effective when it comes to being an out of the box marketing solution.

Coming up with a viable marketing strategy for your business is not by any means easy. But, with some dedication of your time, you can explore and utilize the mobile marketing medium to give you great results for your business. The fact that people keep their cell phones on them at all times gives the business owner the ability to reach out to your customers without breaking the bank in advertising and marketing fees.

Once a new business understands how to harness the power of technology when it comes to mobile marketing, reaching new customers can not only be easy but fun as well.

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How To Develop A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign


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Developing an efficient Internet marketing campaign is a possibility if you are ready to work hard. Review the following article to learn more about the successful strategies you can implement.

Regardless of what you learn from Internet marketing experts, you should never implement strategies that are not adapted to your target audience. Remember that every niche is unique and you are the person who knows the most about your customers. If you are not sure how your customers shop online, do more research on your niche, for instance, by using surveys. Remember that trends can change, for instance if your customers become interested in a new technology.

You need to provide your audience with a safe way to order products. Do not expect to generate a lot of sales if you do not share useful information about the payment method you offer. It is best to use a trusted third party website such as PayPal or Google Checkout. You should also share information about shipping. Find a way to ship your products in an affordable way. Let your customers know you are ready to answer any questions about shipping and payment.

Develop excellent customer service policies. It is best to accept returns and issue refunds to the customers who are not satisfied. Offering refunds is a great way to encourage customers to test your products. Your customers should be able to contact you at any time over the phone, by email or on social media. Answer to all the customers who contact you and do your best to satisfy them. Apologize if a customer seems to be angry or disappointed and offer a new product or a refund. Do not hesitate to send them a gift card so they can test your products again.

Present your products as valuable. Building value for your products is the best way to generate more sales. Pay attention to the techniques used by your competitors to present their products as valuable. If you need to lie about your products to build value, you should look for a better product to sell. You can build value of your products by writing descriptions, sharing reviews, taking pictures or creating your own demonstration videos. Consider developing a strong branding strategy if you think your customers are ready to identify with your products.

Offering incentives regularly is an excellent way to get more customers to subscribe to your updates. You could, for instance, share information about discounts or giveaways on social media, via email alerts or on your official message board. Count how many sales you generate with each update to get an idea of which incentives are the most efficient. If possible, offer better incentives to the customers who spend a lot on your products, for instance, by giving them reward points.

Apply these useful Internet marketing tips to develop your own campaign but make sure you apply these methods to your audience. Figure out how many products you sell, thanks to these methods, to make sure they are efficient.

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5 Reasons Your Internet Marketing Efforts Are Failing


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If your intention is to sell a product to an audience, you know the importance of online marketing. Unfortunately, business owners all too often realize that their efforts aren’t working. There are many reasons where you may have gone wrong, but this article will lightly touch on 5 popular reasons online marketing strategies fail. Keep reading to find out!

Your advertising efforts may not be personal enough. One of the most popular reasons that online marketing efforts fail is simply because the consumer on the receiving end doesn’t feel like you are getting personal enough. Think about the messages you send. Are they too generic? Are they practically screaming for someone to buy something? If your messages are too sales-oriented, customers often find this to be a turnoff. Try to write your messages with emotion and use an engaging tone of voice; don’t focus on being a marketer!

Don’t be too “noisy”! If you are one of the many marketers who posts too much on Twitter or writes the same call to action on a daily basis, it is time to stop. People don’t want to feel that they are being yelled at, or even forced into buying a product. Think about creating content that your consumers will find valuable, engaging and entertaining. Even though you are marketing, don’t constantly ask people to do things for you.

You may be talking to the wrong crowd. When you are just starting out with marketing, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Depending on the products that you are trying to sell, different social media websites serve different purposes. Twitter might be a good calls to action website, but Facebook may offer a more personalized approach. If you don’t know what to do, follow some of the successful marketers in your niche. Which websites do they use and how?

People want to know what they get out of your website and your products. If you can’t answer that question, then you should at least be very entertaining. People want to purchase useful items or ones that easily entertain them. You need to be able to easily describe what makes your items unique. Why should people by your items over thousands of others?

Some business owners just quit too soon. Persistence and patience are both important in getting the most out of your marketing campaign. Miracles won’t happen overnight and you need to be able to stick around to make your marketing efforts work. Don’t be a quitter! If you haven’t even started to reap the fruits of your labor, keep doing what you were doing. Chances are that eventually people will start to realize that your business is here to stay.

You need to be persistent and patient in your marketing tactics. Business owners often want one night miracles and assume that marketing will pay off within a week. It takes years to build a solid customer base, but if you get started with these tips right away and understand what not to do, you can’t fail!

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Common Internet Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


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It makes all the sense in the world to bring your company online. It gives you a huge potential audience and you can make yourself known worldwide. However, you have to know what you’re doing when marketing your company online. Many novices make mistakes that end up doing more harm than good. This article will go over some mistakes that you should try your best to avoid.

An instant turnoff for many people is seeing that they have to register for a website. Even free registration will only take a couple minutes but it is also a hassle. Sometimes you will need a visitor to register (if you have a message board on your website, for example), but you should always consider whether registering is absolutely necessary for the type of website that you run. Requiring registration often will just drive people away from your website and they will go to one of your competitors instead.

You will want to send your customers emails that they are actually interested in receiving. If you send dull emails or emails that just look like spam, your recipients will unsubscribe from your mailing list really quickly. If you send emails that are actually interesting and even personalized they will be much more interested in what you are sending them.

Many companies have this inflated opinion of themselves like they can do no wrong and like they know what to do better than their customers do. What you should actually do is pay close attention to what customers are saying in reviews and comments regarding your products. If you start to notice a trend where people are suggesting a particular change often it may be in your best interest to consider making that change. Making your customers happy will also make you happy since it makes them much more likely to buy from you.

You want your customers to actually be able to have a back and forth conversation with you. Don’t act like a robotic customer service representative when people have questions. Instead, make them feel like their concerns actually matter to you and make them feel like you are doing your best to make them happy.

Make sure your website runs well on everything that is popular. Novice web designers will make the mistake of testing a website on one PC browser and then nothing else. What you should actually do is test it on multiple PC browsers, mobile browsers, Mac browsers, Linux browsers, and everything else you can think of. You don’t want to alienate a segment of your potential customers just because your website doesn’t work on the platform that they are using to surf the internet.

One mistake that many marketers make is ignoring a particular marketing strategy because it won’t benefit you in the short-term. The reality is that you should combine short-term and long-term marketing strategies to be the most effective. A marketing strategy may not benefit you today, but months or years down the line you will be very glad that you implemented it.

Internet marketing only really works if you understand how to do it the right way. Use the advice your just learned to ensure that your company will actually benefit from an increased presence on the internet.

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Great SEO Helps The Popularity Of Your Website


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart and soul of producing an excellent, highly rated, successful website. In this article, we will share some excellent, doable SEO tips to help you find online success. Read on to learn more.

Remember that people will be looking at your website and set up your information logically. Visitors should have an easy time navigating your site and finding just what they have in mind. Establish some well defined sections and categories in your site and present a good sidebar that makes it easy to move from one topic to another. Highlight current discounts, contests and other limited-time offers and announcements to be sure customers can find these opportunities easily.

Be sure to check out your competition when designing your own website. You can borrow ideas from them, see what they are doing that does not work and think of ways you can improve on their best ideas. When it is easy and fun for visitors to explore your site, they will visit often and stay longer. All this adds up to good search engine rankings.

Check out Google AdWords for specific keyword phrases that will brand your website. Half a dozen phrases you use with regularity throughout your site will help bring targeted traffic to your site. Remember to choose words and phrases that Google AdWords says are commonly used to find what you have on offer. Look for keywords that have a good number of hits and a small amount of competition for best results.

Remember to use your keywords throughout your site. Do not neglect URL, title, photo captions, headings and subheadings and so on. Place them in your tags and descriptions and links anchor text for best results. Remember to check on keywords with regularity and update yours as needed to keep attracting good traffic to your website.

You can get a lot of traffic by establishing backlinks with other websites within your niche. Share content with others and invite others to share their ideas with you. Be sure to include a link to your website in your content and allow your guest bloggers to do the same. In this way, when people visit the websites of others who offer similar or related products and services, they will find your link and your helpful information. This is sure to drive more people to your website. Sharing content with others and inviting others to share content with you is good SEO because it establishes you as an expert and as being reliable and helpful. It is great SEO and great customer relations.

It is important to remember that SEO success is a combination of technical expertise and good people skills. When you take care to arrange your website in a user-friendly manner, include pertinent information and links, make good use of keywords and keep up with the successes and failures of your competition, you are more likely to enjoy high search engine rankings. Follow the tips presented here to practice great SEO.

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Trending Soon: Optimizing A Search Engine Near You!


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To pull people into your website, you need to create content that is engaging and relative to the targeted audience. Though a website may be algorithmically efficient, the written content may be poorly-written or provide information that your audience is not interested in reading. You have to find the middle-ground between what the search engines enjoy and what your readers enjoy; always guaranteeing that the readers come out as the top priority. An article should captivate the audience with each sentence and the SEO-magic should be cleverly entwined within the phrasing.

The first component of any SEO-friendly article is going to be the title. These few words -generally less than seven- should instantly grab the reader’s attention and lock them in for the first few paragraphs. If your title isn’t enough to catch their eye, they will pass the article without a second thought. After the title, you have only a few sentences to continue impressing the potential consumer. The remainder of the article should flow naturally and encourage the reader to continue towards your domain.

A how-to article is a great technique for branching out over a variety of keywords without the flow becoming irrelevant or awkward. How-to articles are the easiest way out of a sticky situation when keywords are too far apart or completely irrelevant to your website’s topic. Each subsection in this type of article can approach a new keyword or idea, similar to several short articles, but in a manner that encourages the reader to continue reading until the last paragraph. However, even a how-to can’t make every keyword work with every website, so choose your words wisely and adjust their density at times to make the job easier.

Graphics aren’t often viewed as SEO tools, but they are relevant and most search engines have a setting to search only images across the web. The method for hosting an SEO-friendly image is very similar to your overall webpage, without factoring in the written content and articles. Your image will have a tag and a description at minimum, both of which are utilized for SEO purposes. Use powerful graphics in combination with an interesting article to increase the keyword density.

It can become addicting; the urge to include exotic and complex words from the English language. However, most readers do not want to read a bunch of words that they do not understand and most of them are not going to find a dictionary every time a new word pops up. You have an audience and your vocabulary should reflect the general vocabulary you might expect when in a room filled with those people. For example, if you are writing a medical eBook, it would be acceptable to use long, medical terms and descriptions. However, writing an article about children’s cough medicine with the same vocabulary would be a marketing failure.

Now you can proceed into the depths of the internet and take control of your company’s future. SEO is a simple marketing technique, but creating the content for the campaign can be extremely difficult. Use these guidelines to help structure your selection and provide the audience with something that they enjoy reading.

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Social Media Marketing For Beginners


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Are you new to social media marketing? You should consider developing a social media marketing campaign for your business. Keep reading if you want to learn more about social media marketing.

You should always keep in mind that social media marketing is about staying in touch with your customers and generating interest for your products. You should not focus on getting as many subscribers as possible; your goal is to get the people who connect with you on social media to visit your website and order products. Do not waste your time getting people who are not interested in your products to subscribe to your campaign.

Use social networks your customers visit on a daily basis. Facebook is extremely popular, but you should not hesitate to join other networks as well if you find your customers visit these sites regularly. You should consider using Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Digg, Pinterest or any other network your customers mention. Give yourself enough time to become familiar with the different features of the networks you join before you start promoting your business. Remember that new networks appear all the time; communicate with your audience to find out which new networks your customers are joining. If possible, join new networks before your competitors do, even if you are not sure how popular the new network will become.

Focus on sharing quality content to keep your audience interested in your social media marketing campaign. You should share things your audience will consider as informative and entertaining. Share valuable things too, such as coupon codes or exclusive information about your new products. You can use social media to generate interest for your products but people will lose interest if you only share content that looks like advertisements.

Make sure your customers know about your social media campaign. You should place links to your social media profiles on your website or blog and in the signature of your emails. Give people an idea of the kind of quality content you share on social media, and do your best to present this campaign as valuable. If you need to get more customers to sign up for this campaign, do not hesitate to offer an incentive such as an immediate discount on their order.

Your social media marketing campaign will be successful if you establish clear goals. If you are not sure how your audience will respond to social media, give yourself a couple of months to experiment with this platform. Once you have launched your campaign, establish precise goals in term of sales. Keep track of your results by using a visitor counter to find out what kind of content your customers saw before ordering a product or by simply adding a short survey on your site to ask where customers heard about your products.

These social media marketing tips should help you launch a successful campaign. Take the time to define some precise strategies and keep track of your results to get a better idea of the impact of your social media marketing campaign.

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Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes


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It is important to carefully monitor the content you share on social media. This article will help you avoid common mistakes and present your brand in a positive way on social media.

Sharing updates filled with typos or grammatical mistakes will not convey a positive image for your brand. You should always proofread your updates and use a spell-check if necessary. If you decide to share pictures and videos to present your products in more details, make sure this content meets professional standards as well. It is best to take your time and create quality updates rather than sharing several low quality updates a day. Keep track of how many comments you get for each update and share more content similar to your most popular updates.

Your audience will quickly get bored with your social media marketing campaign if you do not share valuable content. You should also use different formats to draw attention to your content. Share short updates, links to longer articles, pictures, videos, polls and games. You could also ask your audience a question or simply share a coupon code for your products. If you do not have any valuable content to share, do not update your social networks until you can share something your audience will be interested in.

You should not respond to angry comments. You will probably have to deal with customers who are not satisfied or people who simply want to post something negative on your profile or on your updates. It is best to delete these comments rather than get into an argument with people. If a customer has a legitimate complaint, you should apologize and find a solution as quickly as possible, for instance by offering them a refund. Invite people to call you or send you an email so you can discuss the issue more privately.

Do not forget that customers can easily find your personal account if they know your name. Facebook gives you the option to keep your account private but other sites do not have this feature. You should be very careful not to share anything that could hurt the image of your brand. Have a talk with your employees about the importance of keeping their social networking profiles private and being very careful of what they share on their public profiles.

Do not forget that your goal is to generate more sales. Having a large number of subscribers means you could potentially generate more sales, but there is no use in targeting people who are not likely to purchase your products just to get more subscribers. You should calculate your conversion rate to assess the impact of your campaign. Add a short survey to the page where people can order products to find out how customers heard about your products or share unique coupon code on social media.

Avoid making any of these social media marketing mistakes and focus on using efficient strategies. Communicate with your audience as much as possible to get some feedback on your social media marketing campaign.

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Easy and Quick Social Media Marketing Tips


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With billions of people accessing social media sites worldwide, social media marketing is easily one of the most active and most successful advertising mediums online today. Knowing how to tap into a social audience can help you achieve success in any type of business. Read up on some great information about social marketing and how you can make it work for you.

One of the biggest benefits of social media marketing is that you can engage with people directly. It is this peer-to-peer activity that will help you to increase your bottom line. Focus on speaking and engaging with people directly via social sites and even through other methods like mobile marketing. The more engaging you’re able to be, the more your audience will expand.

It’s very difficult to realize where things may be going wrong in your social media marketing campaign unless you’re receiving some feedback. Now, a lot of new marketers have a habit of not listening to customers when they have complaints or suggestions. But just because you didn’t ask for the feedback doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to it. Always listen to your audience.

Even if you do everything correctly and begin to build a large audience, actually selling products or inducing signups may take a little longer. The key here is to be patient. And no matter how easy that is to say, you have to remember to exercise this virtuous trait. Instead of panicking or rushing to change your approach, just be patient with the measures you have put in place.

Whenever you’re able to find an opportunity through social media marketing, you have to be ready to take advantage of it. For example, if you find an opportunity to tap into a new customer base by joining forces with another brand, you shouldn’t be afraid of taking it. There are a lot of opportunities you can find within your niche that won’t necessarily cause direct conflict within your particular business.

The way you think about business in general will have to change slightly. Social media marketing in today’s age isn’t anything like the advertising of even five years ago. This means you have to think more like a social media user at times and less like a businessperson. Think about what your audience expects rather than what you expect.

When you’re interacting with your audience, it’s very important to stay humble. You want to approach people in a helpful way. You want to ask how you can help; avoid insisting on things. Being humble when interacting with people in social marketing will help you keep people around longer.

Collaboration is a very underrated aspect of social media marketing. Whether you’re collaborating with a business within your niche or even with loyal customers, there is a lot you can gain by joining forces in this type of business.

Properly marketing via social media is something that’s going to take some time and some effort. To help you get started on your approach, use the tips you have read above.

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Optimizing Your Site For Mobile Users: Tips and Information


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People are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile phones, and as a small business owner, this means that you have to make sure your website can be viewed by this portion of the population or you are missing out on potential sales. The following tips and information will help you get in touch with mobile users and explain why it is important to have a mobile-optimized site.

How to make your site easily accessible

Smartphone users do not have a lot of time to spend online. Typically, they are trying to multitask; they may be at work, at their child’s sporting event or in another location where they can’t devote 30 minutes or an hour to surfing the web. Therefore, it is essential that you come up with a way to grab their attention and make it easy for them to act. For example, too much text can be overwhelming. Make your point quickly and concisely. In addition, ensure that your site is not too difficult to navigate. If it is, the mobile user is likely to simply “x” out of your screen and move on to something else.

It is important to also clearly advertise the best way to contact you. Your email address needs to be easy to find, and there should also be a place right on your website where a mobile user can leave a comment or send you a private message. Again, if a mobile user has to look too hard for this information, they will probably give up rather than investing the time that it takes to figure things out.

Why you should act now

More than 90 percent of the businesses that are online do not have a site that works with mobile browsers. Therefore, if you are able to make the conversion, you will have a huge advantage over your competition. In general, it is the biggest brands that currently have mobile-optimized sites. While you obviously don’t have their resources, that does not mean you can’t learn from them. Check out sites like Target and Amazon on your smartphone. See what they are offering users, and try to figure out how you can do something similar, on a smaller scale, for your customers.

In addition to getting an edge over your competition, it is hard to ignore the fact that about 50 percent of all online searches happen from mobile devices. If your site can’t be accessed by these individuals, you are missing out on a huge portion of the population that is using the Internet. Therefore, the sooner you make some changes to your site, the better.

Our society is becoming more driven by technology every day. It is important to embrace these changes, and you can start by making a mobile-friendly version of your website. In doing so, you will allow the millions of people who use their smartphones each day to have access to your site. This means more exposure, and hopefully more revenue, for you and your business.

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